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Burlington, NC 27215

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Upcoming Events

We host free and ticketed pop-up events throughout the community; at parks, community centers, schools, and more; for all abilities.


Within the last decade, there has been growing recognition of the need to meet the challenges of individuals with diverse needs. TECpark is unique and is designed to meet the needs of all neurodiverse needs; children and young adults, their siblings, and caregivers.

TECpark was founded by a couple of parents that found it difficult to find places where both their children, with very different abilities, could be comfortable, have fun, and connect with their peer groups. TECpark is a place where acceptance and fun are a priority; where different is great; and where parents can relate to other caregivers that have children with unique needs. It’s our desire to change lives, one opportunity, one encounter at a time. Our desire is to create an inclusive environment. All are welcome!

Our staff is trained and experienced to work with all abilities and we are thrilled to announce our NEW FACILITY opening in Burlington, North Carolina (2375 Corporation Parkway) July 11, 2022. 

Family * Kids * Community 


Our business strives to:

  • Offer services that support the entire family unit

  • Provide opportunities for kids to contribute

  • Be the most reliable resource in the community

The challenges of COVID-19 have made some of the disparities that plague the community even wider. Children with a variety of diagnoses and intellectual challenges are now even at higher risk, given they often can not work independently and need more hands-on instruction. TECpark facilitates interaction between Learning Professionals and their students, as well as between kids with similar unique learning styles.

                                    TECpark & COVID-19

We are committed to providing a safe environment for your entire family at TECpark!


COVID presents challenges for everyone including neurodiverse individuals and those with disabilities. Our commitment to safety and the highest operating standards remains unwavering! We are continually updating our operations to protect everyone - participants, their caregivers, and TECpark Team Members.


We are Committed to Serving you Safely!


TECpark Friends can experience the fun, life skill, and social development opportunities we provide, in one of three ways - at our Main Campus in Burlington; Pop-up activities held at local area parks and community facilities; and at scheduled events in Central NC schools.


Burlington Main Campus

* We have purposely limited the use of equipment during the Pandemic out of an abundance of caution. The remaining equipment and shared objects are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, on a regular basis, during Main Campus hours, as well as the beginning and end of each shift.

* Temporarily, we are limiting activities that require close contact.

* Masks – Parents/caregivers have the right to make health care decisions for their children or loved ones. Given that forcing a person to wear a mask can sometimes adversely affect their behavior and communication, parents have the option of requiring that their child wear a mask.

* TECpark is also promoting behaviors that reduce the spread at the Main Campus in the area designated as our Parent Lounge. Key principles include:

      - Indoor seating capacity has been reduced to allow tables to be 6 feet apart;

      - High touch surfaces and shared objects in the bistro area, including tables, are

        cleaned twice daily and disinfected on a regular basis during hours of operation;

      - Masks are recommended, but NOT required, for parents/caregivers;

      - We ensure that there are adequate supplies of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and soap are always available to reduce germs on surfaces and hands.


Pop-up Events

*Maintaining Healthy Environments at Pop-up events requires an even greater commitment to safety protocols, with particular attention given to cleaning and disinfecting shared objects;


* Social Distancing is practiced, where possible, with all of TECpark Friends, and strongly encouraged with Parents/Caregivers at on-site events;

*When indoors, masks are recommended, but NOT required for parents/caregivers.


North Carolina School Activities

 TECpark is strictly adhering to the regulations of the North Carolina School District in which the school event takes place, in addition to TECpark's guiding principles for COVID. We will remind you of specific location requirements at check-in.


Team Member Wellness

TECpark Team Members, outside instructors, and volunteer buddies working with TECpark Friends are trained in providing a safe and healthy environment. All Team Members and TECpark staff are required to complete a pre-shift wellness check, whether they will be in direct contact with TECpark Friends or caregivers, or not. Guiding principles include:


* Team Members are required to wash their hands before their shift, and frequently disinfect during their time at TECpark.

* Thermometers are available so that the temperature of Team Members can be checked when starting a shift.

* Face coverings for Team Members when outdoors are optional. When indoors, face coverings are required unless removal will reduce communication with a participant.



Get the Answers You are Looking For

What measures are you taking to help prevent the spread of the COVID?


 Some of the steps we are taking to help protect our guests and Team Members include:


* We are strictly adhering to all federal, state, and local COVID regulations;

* TECpark leadership continues to review the latest research on COVID to understand any potential risk of spread, and prevention, of the illness;

* We continue to update our procedures and react to new strains of COVID by regularly improving our Guiding Principles to strike the right balance between fun and safety;

* We are promoting behaviors that reduce the spread such as limiting the use of equipment; cleaning and disinfecting shared objects more frequently; committing to cleaning high-touch surfaces in common areas such as the Parent's Lounge regularly; while strictly enforcing social distancing and ensuring that there are adequate supplies of cleaning and disinfecting products for guests and Team Members.              


I would like my loved one to wear a mask, but on occasion, they remove the mask.  I've found the best way to get them to put the mask back on, is to ...


Just let us know in advance. Every TECpark Friend has a detailed TECpark Profile (TPP) that is reviewed by a TECpark Team Member prior to working with your loved one. Please feel free to point this out or anything else, prior to the session starting.


Are TECpark Team Members required to wear a mask?


If the event is outdoors, wearing a mask is optional unless a caregiver has a specific request when working with their loved one. If the event is indoors, a face covering is required.


On occasion, my young person has an outburst. the best way to respond is .... or I would like your TECpark Team Member to be aware of .... How can I accomplish this?


Each TECpark Friend has a TECpark Profile (TPP) in which we encourage parents/caregivers to provide as much information as possible so that your loved one has the best possible experience while visiting TECpark. You can update your TPP at any time including checking in for an activity, or by contacting our team at info@yourtecpark.com. An associate will reach out to you directly via email or phone; whatever you prefer. 


I would like to refer TECpark to a friend who has a young person with a learning or physical disability?


Referrals are always welcome and appreciated! For your efforts, after your friend participates in two TECpark paid events, we will provide you with two (2) TECpark events, at no charge, as a sign of our appreciation.




Social Skills & Play

Find tips, best practices, and other resources to help your child learn social skills and enjoy playing with others!

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Caregiver Support

Find community and resources to help caregivers avoid burnout and find support!

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Family Life

Find resources, tips, and how-to's to help your family grow stronger together!

Reading Braille

Resources for Students with Visual Impairment

Find tips, resources for individuals that are visually impaired. 

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Funding For Home Improvements

Learn more about programs that can help financially assist with home modifications. 




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Burlington Main Facility:

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