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RISE Academy

Inclusivity is always our goal!

You're probably wondering why it's called RISE Academy... Well, we are creating an opportunity for children and teens of all abilities to RISE to the occasion, while learning, and discovering new talents.


RISE Academy is an integrated program that provides an opportunity for social-emotional learning while gaining new skills.

***COMING BACK in FALL 2023***


We have three groups representing the different stages:

Beginnings (K-5th grade)

Buds (6th-8th grade)

Bridges (9th-12th grade)

Each group offers activities that are tailored to the participant’s age and ability. Let's take the subject of art for example. The Beginnings group will learn about the color wheel and color blends and apply what they've learned using crayons, markers, and watercolor paint. While the Buds group will focus on color hues and fundamentals of painting, etc.


Our goal is to present a variety of new skills to children and teens through hands-on learning and positive peer interaction.

Art Class
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Sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30 pm-6:45 pm. Parents and Caregivers are welcome to drop their child off for the session or stay onsite. Group sizes are small and space is limited. Email us at or call us at 336-212-0433 to sign up!

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